Steam Hydration Treatments

Steam Hydration has been around for many years. The steamer has been used as a deep conditioning treatment, for color processing, and/or for opening up ones pores. When steam is used on the hair it opens the cuticle layer of your hair strand and allows the conditioner to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, which leaves your hair moisturized. Water is essential to life in general, and it is no different with hair.

Natural hair tends to lack moisture. If you’re wearing your hair natural, colored your natural hair, or wearing a braided style; stream hydration is the recommended form to deep condition your hair.


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Weave Hair From Chic

Quality hair such as:

  • Human hair
  • Natural hair
  • Long or Short hair
  • Dyed hair
  • Braided hair
  • Different textures of hair to match your hair texture.

•••Affordable Prices••• 

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